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Gravity flow shelving

Layover shelving

Roller shelving

Gravity Flow Shelving

Anthony’s Gravity Flow Shelving allows the display and promotion of products in any order, with fully adjustable shelves, lane dividers and front product stops which provides merchandise organization without using tools. The GFS line accommodates a full range of product sizes, in any configuration, with products sliding forward for constant rotation.

Standard Features

  • Merchandise organization 
  • Glide sheet provides easy clean up
  • Adjustable front stop 
  • Allows self-fronting of products 
  • Epoxy-coated
  • Uses standard posts up to 86”
  • Adjustable post height
  • Decorative matching price tag molding 
  • Available in white or black finishes


  • Heavy-duty rollers for heavy products
  • Shelf posts
  • Post retaining bracket 
  • Wall mounting bracket
  • Side product stops
  • Shelf stabilizer bar 
  • Plastic price tag molding 
  • Metal price tag molding

Gravity Flow Shelving

  • Rear entry shelf depths: 24” – 42” 
  • Door widths: 24” – 30”
  • Load strength up to 500 lbs per shelf

Layover shelving

In-store presentation is crucial in order to appeal to today’s sophisticated consumer. The expectations are high for companies to deliver an aesthetically appealing environment that is clean and organized. FlexRoller is installed in more than 75,000 stores worldwide.

The Layover FlexRoller sits on top of the existing substrate shelf in walk-in cooler applications. The Layover is produced to the exact size needed to fully optimize the usable shelf space.

Your store shelves will remain consistently fronted. Independent testing has proven that automatic fronting results in increased sales and reduced labor costs in any part of the store – center store, walk-in cooler, reach-in cooler and custom displays.


Validated Sales Lift

Proven sales increase of 8% due to consistent product visibility.

Eliminate Manual Fronting

Boost operational efficiencies by eliminating the need for employees to organize shelves throughout the day.

Gain Facings

Gain up to 20 facings in a 10-door set by utilizing adjustable dividers, thus maximizing the horizontal space efficiency.

Faster Restocking Time

With products continuously fronted, out of stocks can be immediately identified and replenished with reduced touches.


Can be utilized and customized to front products in all retail environments.

Planogram Flexibility

Dividers can be adjusted to automatically front all products sizes and packaging types.

Roller shelving

Increase sales with the ultimate gravity flow roller shelving system on the market. B-O-F’s VersaRollerShelf® is the widest shelf in the industry, allowing merchandisers to face more products on a single shelf.

Utilizing proprietary systems and adjustable, patented dividers with 1/8” adjustability ensures continuous facings and increased sales. The VersaRollerShelf fits onto the uprights without additional support, allowing for maximum merchandising space.

Gain additional shelves

Increase facings

A low-profile alternative to disposable glides

Vertical adjustability


Faster product resets

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