Reach in coolers
and freezers

Reach in refrigerator with 2 doors

Glass Door Merchandiser Refrigerators and Freezers

We supply a variety of reach in coolers and freezers to support a wide range of product requirements. You can be sure that your products will be shelved in optimal conditions with quick and convenient restocking capabilities. These coolers and freezers are ideal for liquor stores, convenience stores, grocery stores, restaurants, and bars.

Reach-in coolers
Glass door cooler with 2 doors stock with food and drinks

Ibera Cooling Refrigerators

Large capacity, environmentally friendly, featuring spark-free components, low refrigerant charge and the most attractive product display.

Eco-friendly HC Natural Refrigerant

New R290 HFC-free refrigerant gas reduces environmental impact and increases efficiency.

Electronic Temperature Controller

Patented ETC1H electronic controller assures optimal refrigeration performance through precision temperature control and intelligent control for the defrost cycle, compressor, and other component functions.

Electronic Fan Motors

Enhances performance and efficiency. Uses only a fraction of the energy and offers a longer life expectancy than industry-standard shaded-pole motors.

Newly Designed Condenser

New condenser featuring a joint reduction down to zero, increasing long-term refrigeration reliability and safeguarding against any system leaks.

LED Efficiency +220 Lux Minimum Output

New 5th generation constant power efficiency LED uses the lowest energy possible, with the highest light output.

Spark Free Refrigeration Components

All HC models will have spark-free refrigeration components for optimal safety, per UL requirements.

Kelvinator Merchandiser Refrigerators

2-Hinged Glass Door Full Height Merchandiser Refrigerators.


  • External temperature display.
  • Removable gasket for easy cleaning operations.
  • Fin & Tube Condenser improves performance in high temperature environments.
  • Automatic Defrost Cooling System provides worry-free performance.
Reach in refrigerator with 2 doors
2 hinged door diagram
  • Heavy duty Vinyl coated steel shelves.
  • Low environmental impact with high density polyurethane insulation
  • Lockable door.
  • Electronic control to select temperatures.
  • Pre-wired heavy duty power cord.
  • Heavy duty door hinges.
  • Magnetic gasket removable without tools for easy cleaning.

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