Moyer Diebel model DF Rotary Type

Specified unit will be Moyer Diebel model DF Rotary Type, fully automatic glasswasher. Unit will have detergent pump,sanitizer pump and rinse aid pump,standard upper and lower wash/rinse arms, wash tank heater, cold water final rinse, polypropylene conveyor,splash curtains, double-walled construction,storage space for three 1-gallon containers.

Standard Features
• New 12" glass clearance accepts taller stemware
• New internal upper drain screen for improved filtration and ease of cleaning
• New Self flushing wash chamber reduces maintenance
• Reduced water usage
• Improved shut off mechanism
• Three-pump injection system for precise chemical dispensing
• Upper and lower wash and rinse arms produce sparkling clean glasses every time.
• Double walled construction for quieter operation.
• Cool final rinse water provides a cool glass ready for immediate use.
• An off-the-floor shelf provides storage for three, 1-gallon (4 liter) containers.
• Polypropylene conveyor virtually eliminates chipping of fine stemware. 

Regular price $8,891.00

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